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[Miscellaneous] Solutions to problems when ordering and various other issues

When I add a product to my cart, I am taken to a page that says my cart is empty ...

If you are using a browser that is specific to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) - especially the AOL browser - there's no need to look any further ;-). Such browsers are not highly recommended because of their default settings that often hinder normal web navigation. Log on to our website with the most commonly used and most recent versions of standard browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opéra and you won't encounter this problem any more.

However, if you still experience a similar problem with a standard browser, please check that the confidentiality parameter settings do not completely restrict the writing of cookies as this would prevent any cart from being established on our website or any other shopping site for that matter. Please note nonetheless that our website does not write any cookies that store personal information on your computer; thus, the only cookie that is authorized is one that exists for purely technical reasons, and is automatically generated by our web server in order to allow the existence of a shopping cart "session" for only as long as you remain connected to our website. With regard to this, you may set the confidentiality parameters of your browser to as high a level as possible - just as long as the extreme "no cookies" setting is avoided - without affecting navigation or ordering on our website.

Lastly, if you visit our website from a company network, please note that the administrative policies of certain companies prohibits employees from doing online shopping, by specifically screening and preventing the writing of technical session cookies. The solution to this would be simply to visit our website using a more standard type of internet connection, e.g. from home.

I can't access the "custom-make seat design module" mentioned in the FAQ ...

To design your seat, first of all you must select the make, then the model (drop-down menus at the top of the page), otherwise the seat design module, which occupies the entire central portion of the website's pages including the homepage, is displayed in a "disabled" state.

If you have already selected both the make and model but the seat design module showing various options (year of model, type of seat, etc.) still doesn't appear, and a message indicating that your browser is not equipped with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in is displayed instead, click on the suggested link that will lead you to the Adobe website to download this plug-in. It isn't very difficult and won't take very long, and this plug-in, which often comes with the main web browsers on the market, is necessary for the seat design module on our website to work; this also applies to many other applications on websites worldwide.

Please also note with respect to certain browser configurations, which may restrict proper navigation on our website, that if you have chosen to disable "javascript", you will not be able to make full use of the various applications on our website, nor those of the vast majority of other current websites for that matter ;-)...

I would like further information before making my order. Can you call me at the following number?

Please excuse us for not being able to meet this request by phone; we hope you will understand that we receive several thousands of visitors on our website each day, which gives rise to numerous requests in many different languages. In order to deal with incoming requests and establish the best possible system for managing outgoing replies in 5 languages (French, English, German, Spanish and Portuguese), we have an email support system. This allows us to handle requests coming from various countries in the world in the best possible way.

If you can't find an answer to your question(s) in our FAQ, please send an email to contact@topsellerie.com.

Can you provide me with more photos of a particular product for my motorcycle model?

Please excuse us for not being able to meet this request; all available product photos are already displayed online. We constantly add new photos featuring various combinations of motorcycle models and product configurations to our current collection, but if you can't find an image of a particular seat combination on our website, or if you wish to see more of what is currently visible online, we're afraid we can't meet this request at the moment.

Can you provide me the contact details of a dealer close to me?

We do indeed work with many motorcycle and scooter dealers who sell our products in several countries in the world; these dealers can log on to our website by entering a login and password at the top right-hand corner of our webpages. However, after a certain number of unfortunate incidents involving heightened competition between some of the dealers whose contact details we displayed on our old website, we have since decided neither to promote nor communicate the contact information of dealers selling our products any longer.

Therefore, if you don't wish to order directly from our website and prefer to meet a dealer close to you in the flesh ;-), we suggest adopting the opposite approach: try asking a dealer of your choice if he/she distributes our products. If the answer is no, you could invite him/her to contact us at contact@topsellerie.com to have a professional account opened. After some brief procedures that are required to open an account, he/she will then meet the special conditions for selling our products at the same prices as those indicated for the general public on your country's version of our website.

If the dealer does not wish to seek commercial relations with us, even if it is just on an occasional basis so as to meet your request, or offers you a resale price higher than that you could obtain by ordering directly from our website (delivery charges included), we can only suggest for you to try another dealer, or ... just order directly from our website! ;-)

Can I come and collect a product personally? Can I then save on delivery charges?

Yes, it is possible (Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 12 noon, and from 2 pm to 5 pm, except bank/public holidays), but this is not part of the usual online ordering procedure, which systematically includes the calculation of delivery charges, which in turn include administrative handling charges that will still be applicable even if you wish to come and collect your order personally with no delivery involved. Please understand that when you come and collect an item personally for practical reasons (usually in order to get it more quickly), it actually complicates rather than simplifies matters for us since we have to isolate your order from the entire order and delivery management procedure, not forgetting the time that must be spent on attending to you when you arrive; imagine if on top of that, we also had to produce accounting evidence for the reimbursement of overpayment on your online order ...

I have some doubts about the seat configurator and the sample images: my original seat is composed of two parts and has a helmet storage space under the rear seat; do your seats come with these same features?

Absolutely: seats that come in two parts remain as two parts. What could be misleading on our website images is merely an optical illusion due to the presence of a backrest in the "deluxe seats".

As for motorcycles that include a storage space under the rear seat, rest assured that this feature will be retained.

Please also note that the images displayed in the seat design simulator within the "custom" design module may sometimes be slightly confusing, as indicated in the paragraph of "Warnings" at the bottom of the module: "the represented saddle does not necessarily match the selected model of motorcycle or scooter".

How are "Top Sellerie" and "Top Saddlery" related?

They are essentially one and the same.

"Top Sellerie" is our company name and "Top Saddlery" is a registered trademark. When we began developing ourselves internationally at the start of the 2000s, we commercialized our products under the "Top Saddlery" brand, which is none other than the English translation of our company name.

However, the cohabitation of these 2 brands caused some confusion among our clients, so from then on, we decided to only use the "Top Sellerie" name.

I was careful in checking that my bank card details were entered correctly, and yet I am told that there has been an error in the entry and I cannot proceed with the transaction. Is there an explanation for this?

First and foremost, let us state that transaction refusals in the current secure payment system on our website do not fall within our province: they result from verifications carried out by interbank authorization centers.
Therefore, we are not in any position to provide explanations for any blocked transactions that you may encounter.

Here are nonetheless some possible reasons for such a problem that can easily be rectified; check:

  • that you haven't exceeded the upper spending limit authorised by your card over a given period (usually in per week terms; please consult your bank)
  • or that your card does not expire BEFORE the scheduled debit date of the deposit amount in the case of a purchase with the "You lend me a base" option (scheduled date is 45 days after order date).